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Jackpot Hosts click on the link below to download the SBRA Jackpot Attendance Form to use when submitting your attendance to your District Director

Jackpot Attendance Form

If you would like to host a jackpot your 2024 Jackpot Sanction Form must be submitted to your District Director a minimum of 4 days prior to the date you would like to host the jackpot.

You must be a member of the SBRA to compete or exhibition at a SBRA jackpot.  Please remember to plan ahead as memberships must be purchased PRIOR to the jackpot and may take up to 2 weeks to process, please do not call or e-mail the office asking for it to be processed faster.

Click Here for Standardized Payouts Sheet for 3D and 4D Jackpots

Hosts please remember to submit $2 per horse/rider combination and results to the SBRA Office after your jackpot.

Jackpot Attendance Last Updated March 31, 2024.


Please note only the jackpot attendance sheets that have been submitted to the office have been entered on the spreadsheet.  Once your horse is qualified they will be highlighted in yellow.  You must renew your membership by Jan 1 for the jackpot attendance in the fall to count for 2024 finals.  If there are any errors please contact your District Director or the SBRA office.  If you have hosted a jackpot and submitted the attendance to the office and no results are posted on the attendance spreadsheet please contact the office so this error can be fixed ASAP.

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