Jackpot Hosting

If you want to host a SBRA Jackpot please contact your District Director or if you don’t know what district please reference the district map below or contact the SBRA Office.
Every jackpot must have a 2017-2018 Jackpot Sanction form filled out and submitted to your District Director a minimum of 3 days prior to the proposed jackpot date. 

Effective September 1st, we no longer require the $15 jackpot sanction fee, only the $2 per horse rider combination per jackpot. 

When submitting your jackpot attendance we encourage you to use the Jackpot Attendance Sheets found on this page, however if you use your own please ensure the Rider Name, Horse Name & District along with the Host Name are all included.  Jackpot attendance MUST be submitted to your District Director within 2 weeks of your jackpot for the attendance to count.  Jackpots can be ran in a 3D or 4D format, that is up to the hosts discretion.  The SBRA Standardized Payouts must be followed, they can be found below on this page. 

*All jackpot hosts are required to collect $2.00 per horse/rider combination per jackpot to submit to the SBRA Office, it will be put towards the SBRA Finals prize fund. *

Only SBRA Members or Permit Card holders can compete or exhibition at any SBRA Sanctioned Events. Permit card holders are only allowed to compete at 4 jackpots. ( 2 DOUBLE HEADERS)


  If you allow a non member to run you WILL NOT be allowed to host any future jackpots.


2017-2018 Jackpot-Sanction-Form

3D JP Attendance Sheet

4D JP Attendance Sheet

Click Here for Standardized Payouts Sheet for 3D and 4D Jackpots

Click here for District Map

Insurance  Coverage applies to  Approved Jackpots ONLY.

Helmet rule – All competitors 17 years and younger must wear a certified riding helmet when on a horse in and out of the riding arena. As soon as the youth turns 18 they no longer have to wear a helmet.

*If you are unclear of any of the guidelines for hosting a jackpot, please contact your district director. 


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  • Memberships

    You must be a member to attend an SBRA jackpot. Though we do our best to process memberships in a timely manner, please note they can take up to 2 weeks to be processed. Once your name is listed on the Active Members page you can start entering jackpots.