Saskatchewan Barrel Racing Association

Annual General Meeting

Prairieland Park – Saskatoon

July 26, 2016

Charmaine called meeting to order at 7:46pm.

* Attendance: Executive and directors present – Charmaine, Berta, Katlyn, Andrea, Ty, Allie, Brandy, Jayme G, Jackie, Leah, Meg, Amanda, Adrienne, Lindsy, Deb, Laura, Mel, Danika, Bertina, Shasta, & Jamie G. There was 71 plus members present.

* No additions to the agenda.

* Berta read the minutes from the last AGM – there were no errors or omissions.  Shauna Peters adopts the minutes – Lisa Katsiris seconds.  All in favour – carried.

* Berta presented the financial report.  Julie Fisette adopts the financial report as presented and filed.  Robbi Keller seconds. All in favour – carried.

* New business:

o SBRA insurance is no longer with SHF – as of Sept 1, 2016 our insurance will be with Long Lake Insurance out of Bethune.  To host a Jackpot – hosts will now be required to submit a jackpot host form to the SBRA office 72 hours prior to event.

o Membership fees: Carmen Jackson makes a motion to increase membership fees as follows – Open $80, Youth $50, PeeWee $10 (No increase to PeeWee).  Lisa Katsiris seconds.  All in favour – carried.

o PeeWee – minimum age – Tracy denBrok makes a motion that the SBRA makes the minimum age of peewees be 4yrs old as of September 1 of the competition year.  Marla Grad seconds.  45 for – 9 against – carried.

o Sask soil jackpots – Krystal Grad makes a motion that jackpot attendance not be limited to sask soil to qualify for finals. Andrea Udal seconds.  33 for – 35 against – defeated.

o Finals dates – Julie Fisette makes a motion that 2017 finals be July 31, Aug 1, 2 & 3, 2017.  Cassandra Roy seconds. All in favour – carried.

* Election of Officers:

President: Carmen Jackson nominates Angela Mastad – Angela declines.  Meg Sparrow nominates Darcy Yasieniuk – Darcy declines.  Shadow Hantelman nominates Janet Moen – Janet declines.  Tracy denBrok nominates Amanda Porter – Amanda accepts. No other nominations. Amanda is our president.

Vice – president – Katlyn McKay has one more year.

Directors – District directors will be filled at District level.

* Meeting adjourned by Angela Tapp at 8:32pm


Saskatchewan Barrel Racing Association

Annual General Meeting

Prairieland – Saskatoon

July 28, 2015

Charmaine called meeting to order at 7:43pm.

  • Attendance: Executive present- Charmaine, Meg, Berta, Kelly, Amanda, Jamie G, Brandy, Jayme G, Patrice, Allie, Tyrelle, Jamie M, Leah, Jackie, Katlyn, Janelle, Lindsy, Debbie, Bertina, Randi. There was 77 plus members present.
  • No additions to the agenda.
  • Berta read the minutes from the last AGM, Adrienne Hanson adopted the minutes as read, Jocelyn Wilson seconded. All in favour – carried.
  • Berta presented the financial report. Discussion took place. After finals payouts and expenses paid the SBRA will have approximately $12,000 left in our chequing account. Jackpot $1 donations came to 7400. Alyssa Slinn adopts the financial report as presented seconded by Lora-Lee McKay – all in favour – carried.
  • New Business
  • Dissolving District 3
    • Marla Grad makes a motion to dissolve district 3. Adrienne Hanson seconds. All in favour – carried.
  • Julie Fisette makes a motion to allow jackpot hosts to have the option to payout a 4D 1sec split. Meg Sparrow seconds. All in favour – carried.
  • Short Order Go at Finals – starting in 2016
    • Jamie M make a motion to go slowest to fastest in the short go. Patrice seconds. 26 for, 24 against – carried.
    • Jacqueline Hoover makes a motion for the short go that each D is a random draw – in running order from 4D to 1D. Brittany Babcock seconds. Majority for – carried.
  • Finals dates – Meg Sparrow makes a motion that we go with July 25-28, 2016. Jordan May seconds. All in favour – carried.
  • Election of officers
    • Vice President – Sandra Stewart nominates Katlyn McKay, Lisa Katsiris nominates Danika Symak, Meg Sparrow nominates Jordan May. After a vote – Katlyn Mckay is voted in as Vice President.
    • District 3 Dissolved.
    • District 4 – 2 Directors needed.
    • District 5 – 1 Director needed.
    • District 7 – 1 Director needed.
  • Finals timing – should be going to 1000th not 100. Will go to 1000th in the short go for this year.
  • Added Money – was bumped up from our website advertisement. Added money will be as follows :
    • Open – $15,000, Youth – $5000, Select – $2000, Barrel Bonanza – $1000, Futurity – $500, Derby – $500.
  • Meeting adjourned by Sandy Stewart at 8:45pm.


Saskatchewan Barrel Racing Association

Annual General Meeting

July 29, 2014

Prairieland Park, Saskatoon, SK

Tuesday 7:00pm

 Sharon called meeting to order 9:14pm.

  • Attendance: Sharon, Dee, Berta, Andrea, Patrice, Charmaine, Nancy, Jamie G, Jackie, Jamie M, Janelle, Leah, Meg, Bertina, Loralei, Kelly, Renie, Kristy, Carol, Danneille. 250+ members present.
  • Brenda Sapergia – Livestock Manager – Prairieland – Presented a proposal for 2015. See attached letter in regards to future contracts with Prairieland.
  • No additions to the agenda.
  • Berta read the minutes from the last AGM, Nicole Kmita adopted the minutes as read Lisa Katsiris seconded all in favour carried.
  • Financial report was presented by Berta. Discussion took place. After finals payouts and expenses paid and before raffle proceeds the SBRA will have approximately $9400.00 left in our chequing account. Lisa Katsiris adopts the financial report as presented seconded by Kora-Lee McKay all in favour carried.
  • Sponsorship – Discussion on how to make it easier to fund our finals. Sponsorship list needs to be shared with the board. Nicole Kmita makes a motion that every horse/rider combination per jackpot per event in every district pays a $1 fee to be sent into the SBRA office to go towards finals (peewees are exempt). Della Bowyer seconded – majority in favour – carried.
  • Memberships – discussion took place – will keep memberships as is.
  • Finals Champion – Discussion on whether we want to change to a 3 run average – will keep the same as is – short go winner is the champion.
  • Finals entry fees – leaving entry fees as is.
  • Dress Code – Ground rules for finals – if you’re competing or working in the arena you need to be in western attire. This includes when you lead a peewee competitor in for their runs.
  • Barrel Bonanza – Sandy Stewart makes a motion that the Barrel Bonanza rep become a director on the SBRA board Jamie Gausman Seconded. Majority against.
  • Futurity/Derby side pots – Sandra Stewart makes a motion that if there is 25 or more entries then have a 2D with a 7/10 split, 50 or more entries then 3D 7/10 split Lisa Katsiris seconded. Majority in favour – carried.
  • District Boundaries – Discussion – no changes.
  • Bobie Dean makes a motion that you cannot force members to attend the AGM by administering a fine if the open entrants do not show up. No Second.
  • Ponying PeeWees – There will be no ponying of PeeWees at finals.
  • Finals Dates – 2015 Finals Dates will be July 27-30, 2015.
  • Election of Officers

(1)    President – Sharon Oddan resigns – Nominations open – Dannielle Dinius Knudsen nominates Charmaine Grad, Dee seconded. Charmaine accepts. No other nominations. Nominations cease. Charmaine Grad is new President.

(2)    Vice-President – Nominations open – Karletta nominates Dee Walker – Dee declines. Carmen Jackson nominates Kelly Holbrook – Kelly declines. Jamie Gausman nominates Meg Sparrow – Meg accepts. Nominations cease. Meg Sparrow new Vice-President.

Sharon Oddan adjourns meeting @ 11:24pm.


Saskatchewan Barrel Racing Association

General Meeting

July 30, 2013

7:00 PM

Prairie Land Park, Saskatoon SK

Present:  Gloria Kadlec, Kelly Byrne, Nancy Dancy, Patrice Zimmerman, Carol Gran, Meg Sparrow, Jennelle Prytula, Dallas Warken, Susan Sjogren, Jane Claffey, Melissa Rasmuson, Jamie Lobb, Janelle Kapeller, Jocelyn Wilson, Jamie McDonald, Morgan Metz, Charmaine Grad, Kerry Maynes, Dino Claypool, Ashley Roy, Michelle Hauberg and 70 members present.

Call to Order:  Gloria called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm

After additions to the agenda, Jane Claffey adopted the agenda and Jamie Lobb seconded all in favour carried.

Michelle read the Minutes of the last meeting AGM and adopted the minutes as read.                                             Seconded by Becky Bossear all in favour, carried.

Business from the minutes:

A)   3 or 4 day format – questionnaire results from districts.  Rebecca Beebe made the motion that the finals remain as a 4 day format, Jhenna Van Metre seconded the motion all in favour, carried.

B)   4D Finals – Splits and payout % it was decided to leave the 4D splits in the open using a 7/10 split.  The youth and Barrel Bonanza will continue to use a 3D format.

Financial Report:  Michelle gave an overview of the income and expenses for the 2012 year and as of July 30, 2013 the SBRA had $103280.15 in the Provincial account and $5517.09 in the Finals account.  Michelle adopted the treasurer’s report as presented.  Carol Gran seconded, all in favour carried.

New Business:

A)   Districts and district boundaries-Boundary Map it was decided that all Districts will continue with the same boundaries and 2 Directors per District.

B)   Dual Approved Jackpots – what associations can we dual sanction with? 4-H, Rodeo, Gymkhana, AQHA, APHA after discussing the pros and cons of dual approving with other associations Jodie Griffin made the motion not to dual approve with other associations that do not use the same format as the SBRA.  Charlotte Jackson seconded the motion, all in favour, carried.

C)   Fiscal Year End – Michelle is to look into the possibility of using webinar or something similar to present the financial report within 3 months of year end.  We presently have our annual meeting 7 months after the year end has finished and this is not within the required timeline.

D)   People running at Jackpots that do not have a membership.  It has been brought to the attention of the SBRA that people are competing at jackpots and do not have memberships.  This is a huge liability issue.  If someone were to be hurt at a jackpot where an individual participated that did not have a membership all the insurance that covers the jackpot becomes void.  Therefore no one has insurance coverage and puts the jackpot host at risk as well.  The office will be enforcing that if a member does not submit a waiver they will not be issued a membership until the waiver is received at the office.  Lindsy Smith motioned that you must provide proof of membership to run at SBRA jackpots.  A list will also be on the website stating members name and District # and no other information.  Proof is a valid membership card.  Danielle Knudsen seconded the motion, all in favour, carried.

E)   Permit memberships, after a lengthy discussion regarding the permit membership and how they function Morgan Metz made the motion to eliminate the permit membership.  Becky Bossear seconded the motion.  15 in favour remaining opposed not carried.  This will be tables for discussion at the next Board of Directors meeting.

F)    One pattern and carryover times.  After discussion it was felt that the members that cross over i.e. open-youth, open- Barrel Bonanza should be allowed to carryover their times.  Angela Mastad made the motion that times from the Barrel Bonanza can carry over to the open but this choice must be submitted when entries are submitted.  Kylie Mackie seconded the motion, all in favour carried.

This will result in the Barrel Bonanza being run before the open at the 2014 Finals.

Morgan Metz motioned that if declared at entry time the times from youth can be carried over to the open.  This is only for the long go and jackpots.  In the short go all runs must be ran no carryover of times.  Becky Bossear seconded, all in favour carried.

G)   2014 SBRA finals date.  Jamie Lobb motioned that the dates for the 2014 finals are July 28-31.  Brandy Bossear seconded all in favour carries.

H)   Leaving the arena on a broken pattern, Jamie Lobb made the motion that you can finish the pattern but it must be completed at a reasonable speed.  Kelly Byrne seconded, all in favour carried.

I)     Youth 4D formats – there are not enough competitors to run a 4D format in the youth.

J)    Stalling – a concern was brought forth regarding some of the outdoor stalls and the fact that mold was present in the said stalls.  The members that voiced concerns to the Directors at the Finals will be reimbursed the difference from stalling to self penning or haul in.

K)   It was asked that the warm up arena in 2014 be watered down to control the dust.

Election of Officers:

A)    President:  Becky Bossear nominated Krystal Grad.  Kylie Mackie nominated Sharon Oddan.  Jocelyn Wilson moved nominations cease.  After the membership voted Sharon Oddan was declared the new SBRA president.

B)     Vice President – Kelly Byrne

C)      Secretary/Treasurer – Michelle Hauberg

D)    Barrel Bonanza – Charmaine Grad

E)     District 1 –  Ashley Roy

F)      District 2 – Janelle Kapeller and Jennelle Prytula

G)    District 3 – Donna Comarty and Dino Claypool

H)    District 4 – Melissa Rasmuson and Jane Claffey

I)       District 5 –  Jamie McDonald and Morgan Metz

J)       District 6 – Nancy Dancy and Carol Gran

K)    District 7 – Sharon Smith, Patrice Zimmerman and Meg Sparrow

L)     District 8 – Dallas Warkin and Susan Sjogren

M)   District 9 – Jocelyn Wilson and Kerry Maynes

N)    District 10 – Jamie Lobb and Amanda Larson

Any Other Business:

Adjourned by Morgan Metz at 9:50.

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