Active Members & Jackpot Attendance

 This page will contain the list of active members and will be updated weekly.

Click here for Active Members List @ Feb 20, 2018


 Once your membership is received at the office expect a two week turn around for your membership to be processed.

If you submitted a membership and haven’t received your card or your name is not on the list of active members list please ensure that you have submitted the required waiver and then contact the office.

Click here for Jackpot Attendance:

Jackpot attendance has been updated as of Feb 13, 2018.

Open Jackpot Attendance

Youth Jackpot Attendance

PeeWee Jackpot Attendance


Please note only the jackpot attendance sheets that have been submitted to the office have been entered on the spreadsheet.  Once your horse is qualified they will be highlighted in yellow.  If there are any errors please contact your District Director or the SBRA office.  If you have hosted a jackpot and submitted the attendance to the office and no results are posted on the attendance spreadsheet please contact the office so this error can be fixed ASAP.


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